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Sexy smooth crooner Usher Raymond (pictured left) and his ex-wife, reality star Tameka(pictured), are reportedly co-starring in their own sex tape that was found on a stolen laptop. Now, the alleged sex tape is reportedly being shopped around on the black market, according to TMZ.

Back in 2010, Usher’s vehicle was broken in to and the thief reportedly got away with two laptops, two video cameras, and $1 million in jewelry — and on one of the stolen laptops was reportedly some footage of Usher and Tameka in some sexually compromising positions.

Apparently, whomever stole Usher’s items attempted to hawk the hot video not long after the robbery, but there were reportedly no takers.

Now, the tape has reportedly made its way in to the black market again and is being shopped.

But there is a roadblock.

If the seller attempts to take their find to an adult video promoter, they will probably be unsuccessful because Usher will likely never sign away his rights for them to mass produce it, states the celeb site.

Therefore, the hawkers of the film are reportedly seeking out blog sites that would fork over some big bucks for the Usher/Tameka tape.

Mark Geragos, an attorney who has represented the likes of such celebs as Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, and newsmakers like Scott Peterson and Gary Condit, is now repping Usher as well. The attorney is reportedly on a serious hunt to stop the culprit/s dead in their tracks as they try to unload the video for a hefty profit.


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