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According to Fox 28, The Big Ten is exploring the possibility of freshman athletes to be ineligible from competition their first year in order for them to adjust to college life.

The conference is seeking feedback from its members about a national discussion that has been segmented to various regions of the country in recent weeks.

The Diamondback, the student newspaper at the University of Maryland, reported Thursday that the Big Ten is circulating a document titled, “A Year of Readiness,” which looks into the prospect of making football and men’s basketball players ineligible to play their first year on campus.

One of the focuses would be to enable those first-year student-athletes to concentrate more on athletics thus establishing a foundation moving forward from which they can ultimately graduate.

In reports to national outlets, such as and, commissioners from the Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac 12 elaborated upon internal discussions within their respective leagues or among other conferences with at least one of them saying there was a growing interest.

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