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Reggae icon Bob Marley would have turned 70 on February 6. Instead, his destiny was to live a short but eventful life not just as a musician but as an activist who hoped to bring nations and people together. To celebrate the enduring legacy of Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, his family is releasing a new live concert DVD. Easy Skanking 1978 is a newly remastered version of a concert Marley did in Boston in 1978.

“We thought it was a special year being 70,” says Bob’s firstborn daughter Cedella. “We though it was time to go into the vault and pick out something really awesome to celebrate his 70th. This is from a live concert he did in Boston. This was actually shot by a fan that was sitting in the audience. There are actually gaps in the footage where he’s changing the roll, so we created some really cool animation to fill in the gaps.”

Marley says that aside from the songs and the newly released footage, there’s an energy to the concert that is unmistakable.

“Just to watch Daddy perform on the stage – he was having a good time that night. He was really wailing,” Cedella says. “He was a wailer that night.”

Marley died of brain cancer at age 36 in 1981. Though he didn’t live a long life, he remains one of the most beloved (and profitable) musicians of all time. His messages of love and peace from his music to his public appearances and embrace of Rastafarianism, a loosely shaped religion whose adherents believe in love, peace, humanity, and yes, the healing aspects of marijuana, have endured in the years since his untimely death.

“Daddy was a a people person. Sometimes he put people before family. His mission was to go out there to spread the message of love and unity and equality,” Cedella says.

Marley’s work also left a legacy for his children – 11 officially acknowledged biological and stepchildren, plus three more that are widely believed to be Marley’s biological offspring as well. Cedella says that there is an annual celebration of Bob’s birthday in Jamaica that the Marley children attend and perform at. At this year’s show, Damian, Julian and Ky-Mani performed.

Here’s the Easy Skanking Boston ’78 CD and DVD listing:

The CD:

1. Slave Driver

2. Burnin’ and Lootin

3. Them Belly Full

4. The Heathen

5. Rebel Music

6. I Shot the Sheriff

7. Easy Skanking

8. No Woman, No Cry

9. Lively Up Yourself

10. Jammin’

11. War/No More Trouble

12. Get Up Stand Up

13. Exodus


1. Rebel Music

2. I Shot the Sheriff

3. No Woman, No Cry

4. Lively Up Yourself

5. Jamming

6. War/No More Trouble

7. Exodus


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