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Author Larry Platt co-authored Stuart Scott’s memoir, Every Day I Fight. He spent a good deal of Scott’s last year with the ESPN sports anchor who was battling a rare form of cancer. Scott lost that battle in January, succumbing to his illness at the age of 49.

“Stuart said he didn’t want to write a typical sports media memoir. He wanted to do something raw, that kept it real, that wasn’t so much about a guy facing death but that offered sort of a prescription of how to live.”

Platt says that Scott wanted people to see that his 7-year battle with appenstuartscottbookdix cancer was not about him losing his life to the horrific illness, but about how he beat it with the life he led. That’s why the book’s cover features Scott, who worked out despite chemo treatments and stayed on the air through much of his illness, with one arm marked with ‘Making a Difference’ and the other arm marked ‘Kicking Cancer’s Ass.’

“I’ve never met someone who got more out of each day even if he didn’t have an overabundance of them,” says Platt.

Platt says that Scott vowed that within four hours of each treatment, that he would do mixed martial arts and some days, even P90X when he went home. His level of dedication to such difficult exercise in the midst of what had to be energy-sapping treatments is admirable and inspirational.

“I saw him work out and I have never had chemo but I couldn’t do that workout on any day,” says Platt. “His motivation was for his daughters. He wanted them to see him fighting. He was very conscious of leaving them a document of how to live your life. That’s what being in the ring was – he was fighting for them.”

Platt says that spending so much time as he did with Scott while he was facing death made him realize that he probably didn’t have the kind of character that it took to sustain Scott during his last years. He says that Scott was just a man who when he met with this kind of challenge, rose to the occasion.

“I hope the book captures this very special spirit,” says Platt.

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Larry Platt On Being Inspired By Stuart Scott, Co-Writing Memoir  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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