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Dear Tom,

I think my dad Kevin Jackson deserves to be a real father real man because my dad is a person who always keeps his head up no matter what.

My dad took in my older cousin after an incident with his parents and raised him as his own. My dad also steps up to the plate when my mom is down to raise my younger brother Kevin (8) and I (13). He also recently just got out of the hospital, and will be having the weight loss surgery this summer.

Mr. Joyner my dad has diabetes and high blood pressure and we want him around.

Because we live in Beaumont, Texas and his surgeon is located in Houston, going back and forth can be expensive.

I would love for him to have a gas card to help him. My dad is a teacher and a coach and has always put others before him, but he really needs this surgery.  I am afraid of what might happen if he doesn’t.

The insurance requires him to have multiple appointments for four consecutive months to qualify for the surgery.

Thank you for your time and God bless you.


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