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Police officers running

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According to Fox 28, gunfire broke out at the Family Dollar store on West Broad Street on Tuesday before noon. As the bullets riddled a red car, the driver took off from the parking lot and drove a couple blocks to a Wisconsin Avenue neighborhood.

That’s where Ashley Drake lives with her three children ages 9 months, 3 and 5 years old. Drake said the man apparently picked her home at random, ditched the vehicle and ran inside.

“He rode around the corner and saw the back gate was open and just came in my house,” said Drake. “I didn’t know what to think, I grabbed the kids and ran out, because he said at first to call police, then he didn’t want me to call them so I just got the three kids and ran out, I didn’t know what to do or think.”

Police were called by witnesses and officers recovered a loaded shotgun from the car the man was driving. Detectives said the car was not registered to that driver.

“We are trying to sort out what happened why he was fired upon, who was involved , and we have not located his friend who was apparently with him at the Family Dollar,” said CPD detective Sgt. Dave Sicilian.

Officers also found a law enforcement badge inside the car.

“We certainly would like to know why they possessed this badge, who it belongs to and if they were using it or if they were gonna sell it or if they found it,” said Sicilian.

Police have identified the man as Jason Deracco. He is being held at the Franklin County Jail on outstanding traffic warrants. Additional charges may be filed in the case as the investigation continues.