“Coming from the church back then, we didn’t wear makeup, we didn’t wear pants and we couldn’t listen to the radio. So at that time, secular music was a sin. We tried to do something in the gospel field but they didn’t know where to place our song. We started out singing in church.”

As far as her brothers and sisters, Bunny says that she’s had to distance herself for her own healing.

“I hope everyone is OK, but never dealing with what had happened to us and pretending we were OK [led to our dysfunction].  I’m the first one to really deal with the pain of my past and that was in writing my book.”

Bunny’s memoir, The Kept Ones is in two parts. The first is out now, but the second is coming in August. You can connect with Bunny via her Facebook page, where she inspires people by sharing her journey to sobriety.

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Bunny DeBarge Talks About Her Famous Family, New Book and Music And Finally Being Free From Drugs  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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