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Drug users inject herion in a lane way at Kings Cross, instead of using the inje

Source: Fairfax Media / Getty Images

According to Fox 28, pharmacists can now give people a heroin antidote without a prescription.

Governor John Kasich signed a bill Friday easing the restrictions on the drug Naloxone, also known as Narcan.

People who help addicts said they have been trying to get better access to the antidote.

“If we had the shot (of Narcan), we would have been able to save a life,” said Cindi Gremling, who runs Hazel’s House in East Columbus, a safe place for addicts. “It’s something we would keep in all of our houses.”

People who have family members hooked on heroin have said they want easier access to help their struggling loved ones.

Critics said making Narcan more accessible will make addicts forget the consequences.