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By BridgetEE

We live in world that’s in so much turmoil today.  Black on black crime, instances of police brutality, drug infested streets and poverty.  The crack infestation of the 80’s has created the lost generation of the adult new millennium.  People get married for the sake of title and children are being born by the mile.  Tupac said “there ain’t no hope for the youth and the truth is there ain’t no hope for the future”.  In 2015 do we really know what’s going on?  Is this the end or IS CHANGE GON COME?   Earth quakes, heart breaks, unidentifiable seasons and diseases for scientific treason.  What the world need now is love, sweet love, so swing down sweet chariot, stop and let me ride.  Hell yeah!!  But are you, better yet is America ready for what needs to be done in a time when it seems that all there is in the world is pain?  What is the doctrinal remedy, cure for this wounded season we have been born to endure?  Do you know what time it is?   It’s time for a Healing Season and Mint Condition music is the cure. Yes, let the Mint Head ALERT begin!!!  :)  That’s right, Stokley, Ricky, Homer, Larry and Jeffrey are straight out of the Mint Factory after 3 years and are back just in time to give America a song that it needs to hear right now “Healing Season”.   A song that can covers so many issues lyrically and every genre musically.    Healing Season will force you to put together a music video in your mind that will bring a peace that your soul never thought it could find.   Mint Condition is a dying breed of real musicians that play for the passion of what they truly love,  music, and their artistry is reflected in every note.  Back in time to show that hope does float and love can in fact heal the world.   It’s a shame that we get so hung up on boxes to put music in, but Mint Condition are the Kings of not just one thing.  You see music entertainers conform, but real musicians know how to deviate and defy.  Want a taste of the medicine to come?  Well here it is, and I hope it goes down as smooth for you as it did for me ;)   As always please listen responsibly ♫  Click Here To Listen

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