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Dear Tom,

I love my mom but she has a serious problem: she doesn’t know how to relax!  To begin with, she has been a full-time second grade teacher at Miami park elementary school for 27 years.  During that time, she somehow managed to be a fully involved wife and mother of 3.

not only that, for over 30 years, my mama has been a full time pastor of an inner city church for over 30 years in liberty city…she’s no regular pastor though!

My pastor mom goes above & beyond the pulpit.  She preaches the gospel in a low-income area.  Most of the money that it takes to run the church comes from a few faithful members of the congregation.  Plus, every Sunday, the church feeds almost 100 homeless people.

Her true passion is to minister to and help as many people as she can and she does so with no regard for herself. She has gone as far as to open her doors to over 15 homeless families that “I” know of.

I know it will probably rub off on me when I get older but this woman is the definition of selflessness, and despite her own hypertension issues, she only cares about everyone else’s well-being.

As you know, it’s time to go “back to school.”  Teachers report for duty on august 16th and the kids come back august 24th. I would like for her to take a break and do something for herself before the school year begins.

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