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With season two of the hit Starz drama series Power coming to a close, and the dawning of season two of FOX’s Empire on the horizon, let’s break down whether these shows are really the same and who really is the best.

In comparison, both these shows seem to mirror each other, both story lines are about two street hustlers: Power’s James “Ghost” St. Clair (club owner) and Empire’s Dwight Walker, aka Lucious Lyon (record label owner). Both men are trying to turn their illegal revenue streams into a legitimate businesses to better their families. Both Lucious and Ghost’s wives, Cookie Lyons and Tasha St. Clair, came from these gentlemen’s seedy past. Cookie Lyons and Tasha St. Clair are strong, beautiful, intelligent women, but are unfortunately caught up in their husbands’ businesses world and love triangles. Both wives tried different love interests that didn’t seem to work out in the end. Lucious and Ghost both  had someone put in jail in order to achieve their legitimate business goals, while their pasts are constantly trying to haunt their futures. Both men have tried to keep their street team their business partners.

So, what’s the difference?

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Although both shows are considered drama, there are some contrasts that make them night and day. Oddly enough, Power’s executive producer is hip-hop artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Except for the intro, the music in Power is strictly used as a music bed in the show. Power is a dark, serious show with an intricate story line. With the exception of 50 Cent, Power uses traditional actors/actresses. On the other hand, you have Empire’s Lee Daniels, who is a film producer and director of movies such as Precious and The Butler. However, Empire is a lighter show, with a systematic story line that is music driven. Not your typical actors/actresses, Empire utilizes entertainers with musical backgrounds. Let’s not forget Empire comes with its own soundtrack, with the leadership of their executive music producer, rapper/songwriter TimbalandPower is the madness of the world we live in today, and Empire is the musical to help us get through it.

To compare these two shows is really like comparing hip-hop to R&B, meaning it’s all music, it’s just a matter of how you want to rock out to it. Fortunately for us, we really don’t have to choose – because when one season ends, the other begins.

Check out the videos below and give us your take on the debate of Empire vs. Power.

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