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As Americans, we have learned to celebrate Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of America in 1492…but the truth is, indigenous people (Native Americans) were already here. I won’t give a history lesson or mention all the things that were done to the people of this land, but I think it’s important to truly know and acknowledge American History. To be honest, its your history.

I love hearing stories from my great aunts and uncle about my Native American roots (great-great grand parents.) Their last name was UpTheGrove and they were Blackfoot. I was told about their high cheek bones, beautiful rich skin and gorgeous jet black hair. I’m amazed that I can look at myself and see those same traits, so many generations down the line. They loved working and living on their acres of land. More importantly, they loved who they were.

It’s a shame that both sides of my heritage has been dismantled and seemingly ignored by American history. Today, I want to show love to the indigenous people, my people of this great land. I wonder, on Columbus Day, what are we really celebrating and who are we leaving out?

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