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Suspect was rushed to a nearby medical center and immediately went in to have surgery.



The southbound lanes of Interstate 75 has reopened after an officer-involved shooting between Sharon and Glendale-Milford roads.

A Glendale police officer stopped to talk to a man walking on the side of the interstate around 2 p.m., according to Major Mike Horton with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. A brief altercation ended with the officer shooting the man in the abdomen.

Horton said a knife was recovered at the scene. The knife was described as a fixed blade and about eight to 12 inches long.

Radio calls from the officer involved explains a bit more of what might have happened.

Officer: Seven king eleven! Shots fired! Shots fired! Start me a squad! I shot one! He has a knife!

Officer: I’ve got him a gun point!

Dispatcher: Subject at gun point.

Dispatcher: How many people are injured? How many people shot? Anybody shot?

Officer: Seven king eleven. One shot. Subject shot only. Subject shot only in the abdomen. Still has the knife. Not following any orders

The Sheriff’s Office is will investigate the exact events leading up to the shooting.


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Article and Picture Courtesy of WXIX-TV Cincinnati

Man Shot by Officer on Cincinnati Freeway  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com