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According to Fox 28 Columbus, Columbia Gas says their lines are not the source in the explosions at an apartment complex.

In a statement, Columbia Gas said it did a thorough check of its main and service lines and confirmed they are not the source and are safe.

A spokeswoman also said they had no calls this month in the area for odors of gas.

Truro Township Fire will send investigators back out Saturday morning to look for a cause.

Dozens of people are staying a second night away from their homes after explosions rocked the Century City Apartments.

The maintenance building is the main focus of the investigation. All that’s left of it is a pile of rubble.

Sam Johnson packed his car Friday for a second overnight stay away from the comforts of home.

“It’s just a temporary set back that’s life so,” said Johnson.

His Sunday best and Bible among the things he didn’t want to go without.

“This is for church just in case they don’t let us in on Sunday,” said Johnson.

Home video captures Thursday night’s explosions at Century City Apartments where the maintenance building houses flammable liquids and propane tanks.

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