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As we inch closer to Election Day (November 8th) we are seeing we will be left with a vile, racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic president if Donald Trump was to win. Not having to say we will be better off to have anyone but Trump goes unsaid and now is making all people face reality. Including former Black Panther, scholar and activist Angela Davis.

The freedom fighter’s mission now until November is to do her part to make sure Trump does not win. Davis told a crowd who attended a Black Studies Conference at the University of Texas, Austin, that she is not so “narcissistic” to not vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I have serious problems with the other candidate, but I am not so narcissistic to say I cannot bring myself to vote for her,” Davis said.



Not so fast, Davis makes it clear that she does have issues with Clinton including her well-known “superpredator” comment she made back in the 1990’s.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton should have said, “Well, I was wrong to use the term ‘superpredators.’ What I know now, I didn’t necessarily know then.” There are many ways in which she could have disavowed it. And we know, of course, that the Clinton administration was responsible, at least in part, in large part, for the buildup of what is now called mass incarceration with the passage of the 1994 crime bill,” she said.

Since running for president, Hilary Clinton has acknowledge that the term superpredator was a wrong term to use. She also has acknowledged her husband Bill Clinton’s, tough sentencing laws during his presidency has contribute to the massive incarceration of people of color.

As Clinton continues to struggle with the millennials, is this new stance with Angela Davis enough to give the push Clinton needs? We all know that Trump will not win the minority vote. However, as Davis says, many people have shed too much blood to allow a whole demographic to stay home on November 8th.

Angela Davis’ entire keynote can be seen here when made available.