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Frank Ocean was invited to the last State Dinner under President Barack Obama at The White House. He brought his mother Katonya Breaux to the event as his date. Many from the press were shocked to see the R&B singer take the time to answer some Q&As and see him rocking a pair of checkered Vans.

Via Complex:

When asked why he chose such casual shoes, he said, “Probably because it’s my first time here,” before admitting that he actually hadn’t put that much thought into it. “You can’t think. You just have to do things,” the singer said. Ocean, who took his mother Katonya Breaux to the event, was asked if he ever envisioned himself attending a State Dinner. “No, I didn’t,” he admitted. “I think that explains the Vans.”

Ocean was also asked if he would be doing any benefit concerts for Hillary Clinton. Ocean, who has not performed live since 2014, seemed a little surprised at the question. “Concerts?” he asked. “Probably not.”

Though Ocean will not be nominated for Grammys this year, this was a highlight to end his year after releasing his Blonde album.