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Burger King Fiscal Fourth Quarter Earnings Drop 17 Percent As Sales Drop

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Secret Santa is a great idea in theory. It just never works out for you. It always goes the same way. You spend a long time actually thinking about the present and purchase something someone would actually want. The day of the gift exchange, you’re feeling excited, assuming whoever drew your name spent as much time as you did. And then it happens: you unwrapped the seemingly thoughtful gift only to find a candle and not even one of the good flavors like “Gun Smoke” or “Bourbon.” Instead you get “Birthday cake.”

When would you possibly light this candle? Why would you ever want your house to smell like fake cake?

Since you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a present you don’t want or need this holiday season that will just end up covered in dust in the back of your closet, pop into Burger King and drop off that garbage and receive a big, juicy whopper in exchange. Yes, BK wants to give you a Whopper for that crappy, thoughtless gift. It’s the greatest thing to happen at Burger King since one store dressed as Mcdonald’s for Halloween.

The only catch is that this deal isn’t happening at every Burger King in the country. You’ll have to travel to Miami Beach, Florida (or restaurants in London and Brazil) to get your Whopper. The deal also only lasts from 10:30am until 5pm on December 26th. Don’t even try to show up at 5:30.



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Picture Courtesy of Scott Olson and Getty Images

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