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What’s worst than finding your house on fire…no water to put it out! So far this year firefighters in the Columbus area have struggled with fire hydrants due to low pressure.

“The thing is with the hydrants, a lot of them, if they work, they work. And if they’re not working, we’re not going to know at the second that something happens to that hydrant,” Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin said.

Not only is low water pressure causing major issues but also residents are using up all the water. Martin detailed a time last year where they had to lay out a mile of hose to the nearest fire hydrant due to the one by a building on fire being out of the water.

So what is being done? The city is making plans to find out which hydrants need repair.

“We all have to make sure when we’re repairing our hydrants that they’re put in service in a certain amount of days,” Brian Haemmerle, Assistant Administrator at Columbus Division of Water, said. “And we don’t want two consecutive hydrants to be out of service at any given time.”

If you notice and issue or problem with a hydrant in your area, here’s how to report it!