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2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 5

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A man who worked as a senior producer for Tavis Smiley has exposed the talk show host as being a self-absorbed misogynist who has contempt for white people… most likely because he has paid a high price to “be a token.”

In Jacques Hyzagi’s extremely exhaustive piece for, he notes the politically correct sham of PBS and describes Tavis as “completely delusional.” He also says Smiley’s talk show is run by “an imbecile” named Kimberly Logan, who, according to the word around town, is Tavis’ alleged occasional love interest. Kim is painted as being clueless about anything outside celebrity culture.

“The problem is that nobody wants to do Tavis’ show. One reason might very well be that people in Hollywood are not exactly political scientists,” Hyzagi writes.

He also says:

Kim runs that show like a Carmelite mother superior, a Wal-Mart micromanager fermenting idiotic secrecy out of the most asinine decision, a narc with Southern charms, an all-smiles viper with reserve, steely poise and a relentless vindictiveness masking her crippling insecurities thanks to her Rasputin-like grip on Tavis. Appropriately, Wal-Mart is sponsoring the liberal PBS show that Tavis owns.

Wal-Mart handsomely sponsors the show, but as a producer I soon realized that there was no money left to actually produce the show.

“Wal-Mart is the best,” Tavis told me, “they give me a check each year and never ask a single question. They are the least intrusive.” Maybe they should. Why were we running that show on such a shoestring budget? Where does the annual budget of more than $7 million go? Since a good chunk of it comes from PBS, code for donors like you suckers, is there any accountability?

Hyzagi says “Tavis’ misogyny is always creeping around, barely camouflaged by Midwestern good manners.”

Hyzagi says that Hollywood has started to take notice to the fact that, by his own admission, Tavis doesn’t do any research on guests that producers book for his show, he writes:

“My main problem,” Tavis once told me in a rare moment of self-examination, “is that I don’t read.”

“I hate the people who run PBS. I hate Beth Hoppe, Mary Nelson, Mishi [Margaret Ebrahim],” Tavis once told me, “every single one of them…and they hate me too. I don’t take their calls, I don’t return their emails. I’m the only black guy on PBS, all these white people are waiting for me to tumble. My show is very fragile, like a Fabergé Egg…don’t drop it.”

“There are two topics I don’t deal with on the show,” the very pious Tavis told me right at the onset. “Homosexuality and abortion.” Great, I thought, there goes half of my guest list.

‘I’m the only black on PBS,’ Tavis told me. ‘They can’t touch me, they also know that I’m the only black talk show host in America, and they like to have this privilege.’

When I presented him with an all-black panel for the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech, he instantly shot me an email, “We need white folk,” revealing the confusing price to be a token.

Morris O’Kelly, host of ‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ on KFIAM640/iHeartRadio in Los Angeles and featured political commentator on CNN and FOX11, weighed in on Hyzagi’s explosive write-up, saying:

Jacques Hyzagi paints a very detailed portrait of Tavis Smiley with vibrant hues; alleging Smiley is bereft of dignity and self-awareness.

He also alleges in no uncertain terms and exhaustive quotes that Smiley has utter and explicit contempt for women, White people and his financial partners. We are left to decide in which order they rank.

I don’t know if there will come a day in which someone will deny or debunk Jacques Hyzagi’s words or argue that Smiley is not as ethically and morally bankrupt as presented. The suggestion that Smiley bathes in insincerity and inauthenticity is rather common these days.

I don’t know if anyone will come to Tavis Smiley’s defense anymore.

I do know it won’t be me.

Read Hyzagi’s full Tavis story at



Article Courtesy of Observer and EURWeb

Picture Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown and Getty Images

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