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If you and your spouse separates does that give you the right to date? Whichever ever ones idea it is to separate is that giving the other the right to date? And can you repair a relationship after separation if you all have dated other people?

A young lady brought to the attention of, Singer/Songwriter Tiny of Xscape, that her (I pray this doesn’t happen) still husband but going through a divorce, T.I. “friend” Bernice Burgos is always clicking likes and commenting on his Instagram. (full story here)

Now there is this…

T.I. home girl Bernice Burgos thought it would be cool if her and her friend made a snapchat video of them singing an Xscape song “Just Kickin It”. Well T.I. wife Tiny of Xscape didn’t think it was cool at all and responded. Check out the drama below.

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