Johnny Eden Jr had a send off to prom that the city of Philadelphia won’t forget ! The high school senior had 3 outfit changes, 3 exotic cars and (wait for it)….3 dates! His mother, Saudia Shuler, 43, fought cancer and suffered from a stroke during her son’s high school career but he maintained 3.8 GPA and an upstanding high school basketball career.

 “I was on my death bed a few years ago…. My son took it real hard. He believed in Allah so bad. He is Muslim, I am not. So that is what kept him strong.”

The total tab came to $25,000. Which included 3 exotic cars (Lamborghini, Range Rover and Rolls Royce) , custom dresses for all 3 of his dates, 3 tons of sand and 1 camel from Ohio! Many Instagram users aren’t exactly happy about some of the decorations. Here is the cake, many followers are saying his mother is making a ‘mockery of Muslim religion” and saying this type of celebration is offensive.

Check out the video from the night here…..

Is this too much? Should we have saved some for college? Comment and tell us what you think!!


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