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Source: Mike Malig / EyeEm / Getty

You’d think a Black barber might have a problem giving a White customer a haircut of the confederate flag. Well, an Oklahoma City barbershop didn’t seem to mind.

Demontre Heard of the Fade N Up barbershop shaped a customer’s hair up to look like the notorious southern symbol. At first Heard was apprehensive, but then he says he got more comfortable once he got to know the man. “I was thinking it was some racist-type stuff but, as he sat down and I was doing it and he was talking to me the whole time, and he explained to me why he was doing it, like, he was a really cool guy and I didn’t feel like he was racist at all,” Heard said.

Despite Heard’s sentiments, social media had mixed thoughts. A picture of the haircut posted on Facebook racked up tons of comments. Some folks were outraged, while others felt like business was business.

The barber shop’s owner, Corey Sutter, said Fade N Up was an “open” place where the barbers were “past racism.”

“The thing that’s really bothering me is, no matter how it may look to someone and them getting upset about it, this is what we do for a living,” Sutter told KFOR-TV.

The Confederate flag gained popularity in the south after The Confederate States of America lost the Civil War. It continues to be a symbol of violent racism.


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