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Nasa opens a new computer research center named after the woman who helped astronauts reach space.

After the movie Hidden Figures, many of us have learned that was African American women who help get the USA in outer space. Now Nasa is honoring one of the heroes Katherine G. Johnson by naming a new computer research center after her.

Johnson, 99, broke both the gender and color barrier at NASA as a mathematical whiz who helped calculate the rocket trajectory to help Alan Shepherd to become the first American to go to space.

You have been a trailblazer,” Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe told Katherine Johnson during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the CRF in Hampton, Virginia. “When I think of Virginia and the history of what we’ve gone through … you’re at the top of that list.

President Barack Obama also honored Johnson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

Source: NewsOne Now