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Ja Rule hasn’t been getting the best PR recently. From his time involved with the disaster Fyre Festival to now, his time in the spotlight has mostly been revolved around trolling him more than anything else. This theme continued on Thursday, when he tweeted out to the people asking for some assistance in finding the artist Banksy. This might not seem like  a completely wild request, except for the fact that he’s notorious for not being seen.

As you might be able to conclude, the people trolled Ja Rule for hours about his decision to ask people to find Banksy for him, and some of the responses are pretty hilarious. Banksy’s identity has been a huge mystery for the same amount of time as the acclaimed artist has showcased his work. Last year, people thought he was spotted in Australia, while others have come up with the conspiracy that he’s actually Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack. Whatever the truth is with his identity, it’s pretty obvious that Ja isn’t familiar with the fact that he’s hiding.

Check out some of the responses below of people trolling Ja Rule about him being uneducated on his Bansky knowledge, because you can’t live anything down on the internet.


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