Police line

Source: South_agency / Getty

In very sad news, the CEO and Founder of Golden Krust Jamaican Beef Patty Empire committed suicide in his Bronx warehouse Saturday. It’s being reported that the Feds were investigating him for millions of dollars of tax debt.

According the NYPost, Lowell Hawthorne, 57, admitted to family members that he had the looming debt. He was acting erratically and talking to himself hours before taking his own life. There is video surveillance of him shooting himself inside of his office at the Bronx warehouse.

He was seen talking to employees before the shooting happened. They left the room, Hawthorne committed the act,  the employees came back inside the room and immediately called 911. He left a note of apology to his family. He left behind a wife, three sons, and a daughter.  Hawthorne started the company back in 1989 and employed many relatives.

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