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What is a good question to ask while out on a first date to see if you and your new boo may have a future together? Marriage counselor  Robert Mauer says he has the perfect question to find out if you should continue the courtship or run for your life! The simple question to ask is; “So how come someone as wonderful as you is still single?”


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Sounds super easy, right? Mauer would expect your date to take the question as a compliment but at the same time it opens the door for them to be more revealing about their past. Pay attention when the person answers the question. Do they take any responsibility for choosing poorly or not being ready at that point in their lives? Do they take any responsibility in their part of the demise of the relationship? If they play the victim through their response, then counselor Mauer’s advice is simple: Run!  Do you have any 1st date question that were effective for you?


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