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Such a terribly sad story. Investigators believe that 6 kids and 2 adults possibly were killed when their SUV plummeted off a California cliff. There are conflicting reports on if it was a suicide or an accident. Whats most troubling is that one of the children believed to be killed was the same young man, Devontae Hart, who was photographed hugging a white police officer during the 2014 protest of an unarmed black man that was gunned down by police.


Investigators are still trying to figure out why the SUV went off the cliff. There were no brake or skid marks at the scene. There are various reports about the parents,, Jennifer and Sarah Hart. Some say they were loving parents but the neighbors say the children were neglected, left hungry, and have knocked on their door several times asking for food. The children range in ages 19 to 12 yrs old.