The Columbus Ohio Police Department is once again under scrutiny after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest turned violent on Sunday, June 21st downtown. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   The incident took place at the second protest downtown for the day after the LGBTQ protest in support of the Black […]

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Today (June 2nd) is being dubbed as the music industry’s ‘Black Out Tuesday.’ It’s the day where business activity is ceased and no new music is released, in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, Interscope Geffen A&M, Def Jam, Sony Music and other record labels will […]

Jay Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy caught a lot of flack for sitting during the National Anthem during Sunday nights big game. Tons of people had their opinion on the Carter’s patriotism, not Jay Z is speaking on why they didn’t stand, and it’s not what you think. In the video, when asked by the […]

Many schools are closed for a 2nd day in Oklahoma. Teachers are rallying for higher pay and education funding even though the Oklahoma Governor signed legislation last week granting a 15%-18% pay rise to teachers. To some teachers that is a small amount considering they havent seen a pay raise in over 10 years. One […]

  Such a terribly sad story. Investigators believe that 6 kids and 2 adults possibly were killed when their SUV plummeted off a California cliff. There are conflicting reports on if it was a suicide or an accident. Whats most troubling is that one of the children believed to be killed was the same young […]

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Some Eagles carry-on the trend to skip the White House visit. The football season is finally over but what isn’t is players wanting nothing to do with the president. Some of the players from the Philadelphia Eagles have come forward to say they will be skipping the traditional White House visit. The Super Bowl champs […]


The revolution will not be televised, but you will be able to wear it.


The Houston Texans owner said in private owners meeting, “We can not allow the inmates to run the prison.” In case you had any doubt of the slave mentality the NFL may have, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair just showed the league and fans alike that it reigns true. “We can’t have the inmates running the […]


Many demand that the city council get more proactive and punish officers involved in the aggressive arrest of Davis that was caught on video. Monday night’s Columbus City Council meeting was overrun by protesters who demand answers to what the city will do with the officers seen beating Timothy Davis into arrest.   As we […]


With Confederate statues being removed in the country, is Christopher Columbus next? Protestors stood outside City Hall asking city leaders to take down the Christopher Columbus statue, which they say symbolizes white supremacy. “Columbus being the city that it is, it’s supposed to be so progressive, supposed to be so smart, should take this moment […]


We’ve had enough! Hundreds took to Franklin Park in east Columbus to the Governor’s mansion in Bexley Saturday afternoon to demand racial justice. “It’s hard to sit back and be silenced and watch everybody do nothing,” said Louise Mackey who took part in the rally. The People’s Justice Project organized the rally which was attended by […]

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On Wednesday, Pepsi announced that it would be pulling a controversial ad that was almost universally mocked for its portrayal of Kendall Jenner handing a police officer a soda during a protest. “Pepsi was trying to project a global a message of unity, peace and understanding (sic),” the company said in a statement to the […]