The NYC 2013 Mega Gay Pride Event

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Wendy Williams sure knows how to get a debate started. She started a firestorm of conversation when she said on her show that Beyonce is a better performer than both Prince and Michael Jackson! During her “Hot Topics” segment, she said, “Can I tell you something, this is my opinion. We can fight all day!! I don’t care. Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time. Living or dead.”

American Bandstand's 50th...A Celebration! - Taping Day 2

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She compared Beyonce to Michael Jackson by saying, “When you think Michael Jackson, you think of Moonwalk. He’s not walking. Yes and he did put a jet pack and flew over the stadium. Beyonce is a human jet pack.”

Photo of PRINCE

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Williams also compared Beyonce to Prince, saying, “Prince I get it, The Time with the mirrors and Prince and all them. This [Beyonce] is the greatest performer of all time.”

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