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Houston has coined the HUD secretary “Hurricane Carson.”

Last year the nation watched as we see cities like Houston, TX literally go under water as Hurricane Harvey barreled through the southwest. Although the floods have subsided and millions around the world have donated and given a helping hand, there is still many that need help.

Secretary of Housing and Development Ben Carson made a third visit to Houston to boast about his $5 billion grant to help those still affect by Harvey. Many in Houston were not amused and are saying it is “too little too late.”


Many are questioning if this $5 billion is even a factual figure when Carson approved to slash the HUD funding by $8.8 billion. Where is he going to get the $5 billion from?

We guess he is just to busy buying $31K worth of furniture than to care about a city that literally went underwater.

Source: NewsOne Now

Video: KPRC 2