R. Kelly Performs At Bass Concert Hall

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Asante McGee and Kitti Jones, shared details of their abusive relationships with R. Kelly on Megan Kelly TODAY. The parents of Joycelyn Savage, also appeared on the show, explaining that their daughter is being held by Kelly against her will. Joycelyn’s father, Tim, said, “The only thing we wanted from day one was to see our daughter and make sure she was physically fine and mentally fine. Because people need to know that this man is a predator.”

Joycelyn  released a statement to Megyn Kelly TODAY, saying, “I am an adult, 22 years old, and I call on my parents to stop telling lies about me and my relationship with R. Kelly. I am building my own life and my own career. My parents are hurting me by depicting me in public as ‘brainwashed’ or a ‘sex’ object…it was my parents who introduced me to R. Kelly three years ago. They were looking out not for me, but for their own financial gain, hoping that R. Kelly would make me an instant star. I happen to care for R. Kelly and I enjoy my relationship with him.”





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