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It’s been nearly ten years since media mogul Oprah Winfrey established her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Since then, her inaugural has graduated and many of the young ladies moved to the US for college and to launch their careers. “Mom O” as she’s affectionately called has continued to be an integral part in her “daughters” lives.

In The Huffington Post’s new series entitled, “Talk To Me”, cultural influencers including Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Bobbi Brown sit down with their children and share some important life lessons.

When asked how she handles being the only woman of color in a boardroom, Oprah shared that figuratively, she’s never alone because she stands on the shoulders of all of the women that came before her to ensure that she could become who she is today.

The “Greenleaf” star was also asked what type of life she wants her “daughters” to have. “I want you to live the fullest, truest height of expression of yourselves. You are going to fall,” she began.

“The very nature of moving through life is at some point you’re going to stumble, but when you stumble it just means oops, detour. Got to move in another direction.”

Click here to watch the video and listen to Oprah get candid about her past relationships as well as the happiest moment of her life.


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