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Andy Cohen made heads turn this week for his comments about feeling like Kim Zolciak-Biermann was ganged up on by her other cast members, and he wished he would have walked off the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion when he lost control of the room. Now he is clarifying those comments.

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About Kim Zolciak, Andy said,”I misspoke. I should have not said she was ganged up on. I was frustrated by the tenure of the reunion. What I was most frustrated in was myself, and that’s what I was trying to say. When I said I wanted to walk off, it was because I didn’t have control over the room.” He added, “Kim was not a victim in this. They were trying to hold her accountable, and she was piss-poor for taking any accountability over anything. The conversation was going around in a circle. The other thing that was really frustrating was that she kept saying she didn’t’ say that. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, you did.’ It was really going absolutely nowhere, and it wasn’t going anywhere for two hours.”

On Kim’s comments towards racism not being real, he said, “I think she has a hard time seeing the nuance in her words. Which has happened, by the way, for ten years on the show. We’ve shown clips of her [Kim] referring to things – in early seasons – that the women were pissed at her about that had overtones. I know she has a real friendship with Sheree. I know she had a real friendship with Kandi. And I’m interested in what the two of them really feel where she stands. This is someone I told her at the reunion, she did not express herself well. And what I think she was saying was, in an era of social media something that you say can be blown up and made bigger. That’s what I think she meant.”

He did say that he does not think that Kim will ever return to RHOA but when asked if Phaedra would he said, “You Never Know.”

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