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If you look up the word controversial in the dictionary, right next to it you’ll find a beautiful, vibrant photo of Azealia Banks, her bright smile and possibly with a blunt in her hand.


AB has caught major heat over the years for trolling and saying the first thing that comes to her mind, regardless of who it’ll offend. So much so that the talented emcee’s music and acting career saw a major decline all because of her behavior.

Don’t get us wrong, Ms. Banks can sing, rap, act and dance with the best of them. But it’s her racy, X-rated, unapologetic behavior is what keeps folks from publicly admitting that they’re fans of the young queen.


Real fans give credit where credit is due — but also call it like they see it. Hence the reason why we’re taking a look back at AB moments that were shocking, jaw dropping and way more intense than what regular degular consumers are use to.


Happy Birthday AB!




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