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Stevie J Loses Appeal After Failing To Pay Child Support

Its been a tough week for Stevie J. First, Joseline Hernandez, accuses Stevie of wanting a husband and now it looks like Stevie is having legal issues.

Stevie J was found guilty of knowingly withholding child support from two of his children over 18 years. While the ‘Love And Hip Hop’ star had pled guilty to one count of knowingly withholding his children’s child support, Stevie attempted to appeal the charges in 2017, claiming that the judgement amount was unfair

However, due to missing several deadlines and not following the conditions of the plea deal (failed drug tests and failure to turn in financial records to the court), the Judge has dismissed the appeal. Stevie was able to avoid Federal jail time, but is still ordered to pay his restitution of $1.3 million.

Well at least Stevie is still getting those LHHATL checks.

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