Stevie J must really be in love cause he just got a face tattoo of his new wife, Faith Evans, initials.     The new tat is located on his face, near his left ear the tattoo has the initials FRJ, which stand for Faith Renee Jordan. He debuted the ink on social media. The new […]

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Well, the good news just turned very awkward for the Jordans. The world gave mixed feelings about the surprised marriage between Stevie J and Faith Evans a bombshell just blew up on the matrimony. There is a young lady on @thebossputa_ claiming to not only have had an affair with Stevie J around the time he […]

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Stevie J Loses Appeal After Failing To Pay Child Support Its been a tough week for Stevie J. First, Joseline Hernandez, accuses Stevie of wanting a husband and now it looks like Stevie is having legal issues. Stevie J was found guilty of knowingly withholding child support from two of his children over 18 years. […]

Well, I guess Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J aren’t on the best of terms anymore. She recently threw him some real heavy shade and implied that he was gay on social media. It all started when Stevie J posted this:   Stevie J posted that he is ready for a wife. Seems simple right? When […]

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Joseline Hernandez May Have Exposed Stevie J… Just when you think the off and on again couple, is cool, Joseline and Stevie J are beefing again. And this time it looks like Joseline isn’t holding back at all. Stevie J is know for getting around but took to Twitter to claim he was ready to […]

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‘Joseline Takes Miami’ Will Be Airing On We TV! Joseline Hernandaz has made a big name for herself on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta but most of us are aware of the beef she had with Mona Scott Young, the executive producer of the show, and made the decision to not return to the franchise. […]

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Joseline and K. Michelle were once thick as thieves on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now that Joseline is feuding with executive producer Mona Scott-Young and K. Michelle has seemingly taken up for Mona, things have taken a petty turn for the worse on (where else) social media. It’s no secret that Joseline is currently […]

The producer has finally been forced to pay the price for skipping out on paying almost two decades of child support.

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Stevie says he and the 'Puerto Rican princess' are committed to making things work for their newborn.

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Congrats are in order for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.  Joseline gave birth to a baby girl and named her Bonnie Bella. Joseline announced her labor via Twitter And yes she referred to her baby as a hoe…. Joseline then took to Instagram Live to give her fans more insight to […]

Stevie J is returning to Vh1 but with a series of his own! Leave It To Stevie will follow the journey of the now single music producer after his split with pregnant ex-girlfriend Joseline Hernandez. Ready to get back to work and spend more time with his kids, the show will also incorporate some of his famous […]

The former (married?) couple have been publicly at odds with each other all year long, now Stevie is attempting to end the back and forth slander.