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In A Tight Economy, Local Fairs Provide Summer Entertainment

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The Ohio State Fair kicks off this Wednesday and everyone has the same concern, safety! Fair officials say they began working months ago to make sure everything goes off with out a hitch and that all of the rides are safe.

State Fair Classic Pics

Source: Christopher Diaz-Basto / Radio One Dallas

Fair officials say that ride operators began examining rides in the office season to ensure that there is not another incident like the Fireball malfunction that happened in 2017 when the arm on the ride broke, flinging a gondola of passengers 60 feet into the air before they slammed into the pavement. One person passed away and four others were injured from that accident.

Fair spokeswoman, Alicia Shoults, said,”Essentially they took apart their rides piece by piece by tiny little piece and looked at every part of them to ensure they’re safe for fair-goers.” State lawmakers are expediting a bill named after Tyler Jarrell, the 18 yr old that lost his life on the ride. The bill would ramp up inspections of rides at the state fair, county fairs and other festivals.