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R&B Crooner Eric Benet’ is not impressed with the state of today’s R&B. He explains how the vocals and the face of R&B have changed over the years.

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In a recent interview, Benet’ said that he is in between the elders who appreciate today’s R&B and those who don’t. He explained it , saying, “When I listen to the stuff that’s really being glorified I don’t get it. A lot of it is using technology as a crutch, you can hear the vocal isn’t really organic it’s been auto-tuned to hell.”

When asked if R&B is dying, Benét said, “The art form that I fell in love with is not dying, but it’s like they want to hear it [R&B] but not from black people. It’s always how the music industry has been dating back to Elvis.”

He also felt that established black singers, likeKenny Lattimore, don’t get as much attention as white singers, such as Sam Smith and Adele. Does Eric Benet’ have a point?

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