Tamar Braxton is speaking out about the Delta Airlines incident and her claims are shocking. As previously reported, Tamar had an encounter with a Delta flight attendant and the pilot of the plane. They both claimed that Tamar was acting strangely and would not submit to the rules of the aircraft. Now, Tamar is telling her side of the story and she claims the pilot called her the n-word.


In a series of tweets, Tamar explained in detail what happened from her point of view, saying, “Well @Delta I think we BOTH know that is not what happened that day. I did absolutely NOTHING wrong. You let your flight attendant harass me… Embarrass me, when all I did was sit in my chair NEVER got up, NEVER requested to leave the plane and was asked by the BLACK attendant to “tell her to take off her blanket “after doing so, the question was ” are you willing to comply to the rules of this plane?” Never, Ever had an incident before, and trying to sleep would confuse ANYONE. I then said “of course” what’s the issue? That’s not what I asked you”. “It’s a yes or no question?”. I AGAIN responded ” “yes, of course,” did I do something? She then looked at my manager, and asked her, “are you recording this?” She says ” yes, because this is crazy. She then said ” ok.” And got the pilot.& LIED as if something REALLY happened. AGAIN, I was asked to remove my blanket, now the ENTIRE plane eyes are on ME. Now the pilot who later Using the term “you people”, acting out of order and further harasses and escalates the situation by not knowing what really happened. I cried and was shaking the entire 3 hours because I felt belittled and mistreated and let’s be honest humiliated. The head flight attendant later came and apologies & says that the first attendant was wrong & so was her report and if there was ANYTHING she can do, she would help. That is when my manager said yes, she needs an apology ( which I NEVER received) she’s been upset this entire flight. The attendant came back 2 mins later and said the pilot would like to chat after we land. Will you leave the plane last? My manager says sure. Well we should have left because what he then said and DID was worse. I go to the cockpit for what I think is going to be a heartfelt I’m sorry. I thought you were the one who was trying to get off the plane story, It turned into “I asked her to go and see if you were drunk or high. Because In my experience “you people” put blankets over your head. after he quickly saw that my manager was taping he says “what the fuck are you Doing?!! Are you trying to start shit and put this on social media? “You people”do this all the time. I told him “at this point, you can keep your apology. The way you talked to me was hurtful and disrespectful and that I was just trying to get to my kid.” He said ” I don’t know who you think you are, but “you people” do this all the time.”

Wow!! Your thoughts??


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