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Years of growing up in the Catholic church , I believed it was ok to come as you are. The discouragement came when priest became the topic of discussion for violating children. As a kid I didn’t understand why my mom was so strict on going with my brother to mass practice. The church environment became come as your are, but don’t get comfortable.

As I got older, I understood too well and found myself disconnected from the Catholic religion. It’s when I went to a Baptist church where I had to come with a dress , tattoos covered, and in an attire that didn’t make me closer to God. The idea of fellowship is defined as “friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.” Getting closer to God should be the one interest, right?

Many churches make it feel like judgement is being casted upon you. Not too educated on the Bible, but according to John 8:7  “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…” It’s clear a lot of churches are trying to relate to the younger members , by mentioning Cardi B and Nicki Minaj in a sermon. Is that making it relatable or is that just diluting the word to keep people interested  or an excuse to judge someone?

The division of religion has always confused me. The common goal of all religions to my knowledge is having a relationship with God, Jah, Allah, Yaweh, Jahova. All referred to as Monotheistic religions, meaning “relating to or characterized by the belief that there is only one God.” As a female, none of these religions convey the idea that a women could be a leader. Could God be a female? Too many would think that questioning the image of God is a one way ticket to damnation, but have you seen God ? Are friends with Jesus? Aren’t we all putting our idea to what God could look like?

I pray, because it is important to remember there is a higher power. I pray for my family , my friends , and even my enemies. Sometimes  enemies can be found in church too. Not all personal feelings are left at the door. Racism and rudeness aren’t sins verbatim, but those same type of people don’t see anything wrong to walk in the house of the Lord and still hate me. Are you going to fellowship with a demon?

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