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Can Roseanne thrive without Roseanne? We’ll find out when The Conners premieres in October. The working-class sitcom stars the same cast as last season’s highest-rated show — John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, etc. — with one major exception: Roseanne Barr, who was fired by ABC over “abhorrent” comments she made on Twitter. She won’t be creatively or financially involved with the Lanford-set spinoff, and when Goodman was asked how the show will explain his on-screen wife’s absence, he replied, “It’s an unknown. I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.”

Lest you think Goodman was kidding, Barr also possibly spoiled exactly how her character will join Dan in the afterlife (in this timeline, the Roseanne revival never happened, and he’s still dead). While appearing on conservative darling Brandon Straka’s YouTube show Walk Awayshe revealed, “They killed her. They have her die of an opioid overdose.” Barr also took some shots at ABC, via Deadline:

“I wanted to show [opioid struggle] in the show,” she said. “But I was never going to have Roseanne die of an opioid overdose. It’s so cynical and horrible. She should have died as a hero or not at all… It wasn’t enough to [fire me], they had to so cruelly insult the people who loved that family and that show. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s done. It’s over. There’s no fight left.”



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