The n-word is something everyone is familiar with especially if you come from a black upbringing. For some the word makes them uncomfortable and for others its just a word that comes natural in conversation. Through it all when it comes to the n-word one rule that has always applied is that only those of a black decent can use the word. If someone was to use the n-word and they don’t have permission or aren’t black then its said to come off disrespectful and can even result into physical harm.  As for female rapper, Remy Ma, she has shared on her YouTube Talk Show Called “For The State Of The Culture” that she doesn’t care if other nationalities say the n-word as along as its not said with racial intentions.

2017 BET Awards - Show

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She went on to say that she didn’t even notice it when Fat Joe who is of Spanish decent would say the word, and it have never bothered her.

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