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What do you do when your mama never seems to be able to get herself together?

Sam Sylk gave the “REAL” to a listener about someone who’s mother just can’t get it together. Would you be able to put your mother out? Sam Sylk gives the “REAL” to a listener that might just have to during Reality Hour.

Dear Sam

For as long as I can remember my mama has struggled. She never was on drugs, didn’t drink or was a huge partier but she could never seem to keep a job. As a matter of fact I don’t think my mom has worked anywhere any longer than a year for whatever reason. My dilemma is I graduated from college about 2 years ago, I have gotten a pretty decent job, and my own little apartment. I invited my mom to come stay with me so she could get herself together but she is still batting the same usual just can’t or won’t keep a job. I thought her seeing me graduate from college and doing well would motivate her but she is now using me as her crutch. Am I wrong for asking her to leave because the thought of it breaks my heart or is it something else I can try to help her?

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