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Ok, so I don’t know more if I’m more surprised by the attack or the fact that I had no idea who Barry Gordy’s son was! Barry Gordy has a 54 yr old son by the name of Kennedy Gordy, Kennedy was a one-hit wonder that was none for this hit..Check it out below:

Yes!! Barry Gordy’s son is the singer Rockwell, best known for his 80s hit song, “Somebody’s Watching Me.” Well, Kennedy Gordy was arrested for the alleged attack of a woman. According to,  the woman was working for the singer at the time, and he owed her money. The woman approached Rockwell about payment, and he became irate and attacked her with a chair, resulting in serious injuries including a broken arm.

Gordy spent a couple days in jail and was released on the morning of December 1.

The woman has undergone surgery and may need more to repair the damage. She filed a lawsuit for personal injury and claims her damages exceed $25,000.