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When the announcement that Blackberry had one of the most secure networks in the nation, millions of people switched their phones to Blackberry. The company was already successful but now there are even more reasons to invest into one of these phones.

In the age of constant upgrades and applications you have to stay on top of the latest addition to your smartphone. Here are some 10 ways to take your Blackberry to the next level


The BlackBerry has become the handheld of choice for young professionals these days. I’m surprised at how many I come across that aren’t utilizing its full potential. Here are the top 10 things you should be using your BlackBerry for, besides BBM conversations.

Charge Your Battery via USB

I’m really surprised how many people didn’t know that they could charge their phone using their laptop. Well, not everyone is an expert. There is no need to plug in your wall charger at your next meeting. If you have your laptop with you, you should have your USB cord with you as well. Plug it up and charge.

Use your BlackBerry as a Jump Drive

A lot of BlackBerry users also carry around numerous jump drives. If you purchased a 4 GB card for your phone, why not fully utilize it? When you connect your phone to a PC/Mac, the phone will display “Turn on Mass Storage mode?” If you select yes, your phone will show up on the computer as an external drive, so you can transfer files back and forth.