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Cardi B for GQ

Source: Christian Weber courtesy of GQ / Christian Weber courtesy of GQ

Spicy Mami, Hot Tamale! Cardi B Comes Quick With the Clapback!

You would like that people knew better than to try Cardi B at this point, but it seems like some folks are slow learners.

After letting Tammy (Tomi) Lahren know that she can get dog walked, Cardi had several conservatives trying her. One tweet stood out from Stephanie Hamill (don’t worry, I still can’t figure out who she is either). Hamill decided to come at Cardi for her feature on the City Girls’ video “Twerk”. But you know Cardi has had time lately and she got the mayo lady together, QUICK!


But Hamill decided to continue the conversation and even Wale stepped in to remind Hamil what she was really mad about.


CHILE! I am here for all the energy Cardi has been giving. SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID.