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This issue can cause a split in the Church.

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Even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was a right in this country, religions are not conforming to that narrative.

Case in point, the Methodist Church just voted to uphold their ban on gay marriage and gay clergy. They voted on two plans: the “One Church Plan” and the “Traditional Plan.” The One Church Plan would allow same-sex marriage. Traditional Plan would keep the ban and include stricter restrictions.

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Though this vote was done in St. Louis, the effects have followers of the church here in Columbus reacting to the historic vote.

“The ‘Traditional Plan’ is not only a traditional plan, but the biblical plan, that ensures that God’s word remains foundational for the life and growth of the United Methodist Church,” said Jerry Kulah, a conference attendee.

Others in the LGBTQ community were disappointed with the Church.

“I remember years ago, in the Pride parade, someone said to me, ‘Do you really think God loves me?’ And of course, I was able to say ‘Yes, God absolutely loves you.’ And to me, I think we have time to reflect on the fact that when we go back home, we as the United Methodist Church have sent a message to them that as a body, we may not think that,” Justin Nelson Nowakowski from Broad Street United Methodist Church in Columbus said.

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