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This is interesting! Is Daylight Savings Time bad for our health? A new study sure suggests so.  Americans ‘sprang’ their clocks ahead an hour yesterday (March 10th) to mark the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. The upside is we gain an hour of sunlight, but there is a downside.

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According to, one study showed that a hospital recorded a 24-percent spike in heart attack cases the Monday following the one-hour time adjustment and a 21-percent reduction in heart attack cases on the Tuesday following the time adjustment in the fall (in which an hour is gained.)

The time transition is also associated with road traffic accidents, workplace injuries, poor mood, and reduced efficiency. If the cons outweigh the pros of observing Daylight Saving Time you may want to move to Arizona or Hawaii.

Dr. Amneet Sandhu explained the findings to Reuters, pointing out that heart attacks often happen on Monday morning at the start of a new work week—no matter the time of year.

“With daylight saving time, all of this is compounded by one less hour of sleep,” Sandhu told the outlet at the time, adding, “Our study suggests that sudden, even small changes in sleep could have detrimental effects.

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