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Opening Celebration For The Asian Elephant Habitat At The LA Zoo

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I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! A second elephant has died in a week at the Indianapolis Zoo from a deadly strain of the Herpes virus. Check the footage out below:

According to, zoo president Rob Shumaker said, “Eight-year-old Kalina’s death Tuesday morning left staff, visitors and her remaining herd devastated. We do not know what caused this to become active in Nyah and Kalina so suddenly. It is likely, like most elephant herds, that we have some latent carriers.

According to experts, there is no vaccine for EEHV which stands for endotheliotropic herpes virus. The virus cannot be contracted by humans or other animals. It attacks endothelial cells in elephants, rupturing capillaries and causing hemorrhaging.

Nyah died within 48 hours of showing symptoms, according to zoo officials.

Shumaker added, “the remaining six elephants at the Indianapolis Zoo are being treated with antiviral medication and monitored closely as a precaution.”