Nazi rally in New Hope, PA

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Dayton, Ohio is bracing for any outcome of this Saturday’s Ku Klux Klan Rally. The city’s mayor is even warning rival demonstrators to stay away, explaining that engaging the hate group plays into its hands.

GA, Atlanta, Female teenage Klan members

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Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley told Ohio’s Fox45 on Thursday, “This hate group that is coming in from outside our community want to incite problems in our community and we want to stop that from happening. We really don’t want people to go downtown, because that’s what this hate group wants and we don’t want to give this hate group what they want.”

About 20 members of the KKK-affiliated Honorable Sacred Knights of Indiana will converge upon downtown Dayton’s Courthouse Square.

Ku Klux Klan Holds Annual Gathering In Tennessee

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According to Newsweek. com, Robert Morgan from the KKK group, wrote a letter to Dayton attornies explaining, the demonstrators would be carrying legal sidearms. However, during the rally, they will not be permitted to carry assault rifles, bats or shields.

The rally will not be met without opposition, as many as 1,000 counterprotesters are expected to travel to Dayton for demonstrations just under a mile away in McIntosh Park.


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